Cannabis oil products are extracts which can be found from the cannabis plants. If the compound is not processed, it has the same active ingredient as the cannabis plant itself. Yet, the balance of the compound will vary depending on the species of the cannabis plant. There are literally hundreds of species out there and the level of the substances included will vary depending on the breed. While the two main ingredients of CBD oil can be found at cannabidiol plant and delta 9 THC oil extract. The cannabinoid contains more a lot of CBD while oil produced from the skink plants contained a lot more THC. The THC produces a psychoactive substance receptor that affects the brain, while oils for medicinal use contain CBD.

CBD For Medicine

CBD is anticonvulsant and the compounds have shown a promising result that can get rid of body pain, kill cancer cells and diabetes. In fact, there are good pieces of evidence from clinical trials both in the US and Europe that CBD can treat severe forms of epilepsy and these are the Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Both of these severe forms of epilepsy failed to improve when using drugs. Yet, CBD can the answer. Moreover, the only side effects of using CBD are dried mouth which is normal when a person took a compound produced from a cannabis plant.

Cannabis Hemp Oil

Today, cannabis hemp oil in Canada is ready on the market. Yet, keep in mind that not all Cannabis hemp oil is approved by the government. As far as the Canadian Cannabis Administration is concerned, among them are the ones with synthetic compounds that only mimic the THC which is mostly prescribed for patients who are suffering from vomiting caused by chemotherapy. You can find cannabis hemp oil for sale both offline and online in the Canadian market, only if the retailer meets the government’s requirements.

Is Cannabis Illegal?

Cannabis can only be sold legally in most part of Britain and North America if it contains less than 0.05% of THC. But, the Canadian medicines regulator announced recently that even the pure CBD could not be sold for medicinal purposes without going through the usual clinical testing and safety requirements. Above 0.05% of THC can only be sold for patients that are prescribed by their doctors and experts in this field. The Cannabinoid from hemp plant for example in Netherland, doctors prescribe cannabis for people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, cancer, and long-term pain. Moreover, they even highly recommend the oil for HIV and AIDS patients.

The Legality

Selling of cannabis has been illegal since 1970 with only exceptions being the product with cannabis sativa mature stalk and sterilized seed. Today, CBD is considered legal and safe and the best CBD hemp oil is available in the market. Ever since 30 States in America legalized the sale of cannabis, it seems like other parts of the country and the northern part follows. At the moment, the federal law continues to pursue the production to outlaw of THC based products but not the CBD based.